Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mystery-Themed Holiday Gifts Part II

We're gift shopping again for the mystery lover. Yesterday we were at Acorn Online and today we're at the PBS shop. I know Monty Python wasn't exactly a mystery show, but I couldn't resist starting with the adorable Minister of Silly Walks watch above. How could anyone not be happy wearing that watch? 

Next up we have everyone's favorite Sherlock in action figure form, complete with Violin, bow, skull, trench coat and mobile. He does look determined to solve the case, doesn't he?

The chess set below is made up entirely of characters from Conan Doyle's stories. Both Sherlock and Moriarity are Kings in this set and the knights are in the shape of the Hounds of Baskerville. This is really cool. 

Edward Gorey fans will recognize this scene from the opening credits of Masterpiece Mystery! PBS has this cosmetic bag in both vinyl and faux suede. This same scene also comes in a mug and a tote bag. 

Here's another Edward Gorey special, this time all of the suspects a lined up on a mug. Delightful! 

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