Thursday, June 28, 2018

Review: A Steep Price by Robert Dugoni

Fans of the Tracy Crosswhite series by Robert Dugoni will be lining up for the latest book in the series. Kerry Hammond jumped right in at book six and is here to tell us what she thought.

A Steep Price released on June 26 from Thomas & Mercer. It is the 6th book in the series featuring Tracy Crosswhite, a detective who investigates cases in Seattle, Washington. Dugoni is a NY Times bestselling author who has written 11 novels, which include the six books in the Tracy Crosswhite series.

In A Steep Price, Tracy Croswhite is just finishing up with her testimony in a court case. As she returns to work she is contacted by a friend in the missing persons unit about a missing girl. She offers to help even though she’s sure her boss won’t approve her involvement. When they find the victim’s body in a park near the home of her parents, Tracy is already fully involved. They learn that the victim was estranged from her family when she refused an arranged marriage and planned to go to medical school instead. They also find a bank account with a lot of unexplained money and wonder just what the girl got herself involved in.

Meanwhile, Faz, another detective in Tracy's unit is being investigated when an unarmed witness is shot during an attempted questioning. The shooter is a new detective to the team, Gonzalez, whose addition has already ruffled feathers. Gonzalez’s and Faz’s stories don’t align and an internal investigation is looking into what really happened.

Sometimes you meet people and just get them; you feel right at home and it’s an instant friendship. Characters are like that too and I had no trouble dropping into the lives of Tracy and her co-workers. This book is a police procedural with a lot of well-drawn characters. The reader becomes invested in the current cases being solved as well as the lives of the detectives working them. There were two cases being investigated, side by side, and as the chapters alternated I found that I was craving an update on each. I like Dugoni’s writing style and this was an easy, entertaining read.

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