Monday, January 14, 2019

Poe Birthday Bash, Jack Reacher Mashups, and Gigi Pandian's Healthy Drinks

Edgar Allen Poe's birthday is this Saturday, and if you're near Richmond, VA you can hop on over to the Poe Museum's Birthday Bash from noon to midnight. It's free for members ($25 a year). If you live close to Baltimore, you can head over to the PoeZella Birthday Bash at Zella's Pizzaria. 

If you're closer to Sullivan's Island, SC, head on over to Poe's Tavern and grab a Poe-themed burger. 

How are you celebrating Poe's birthday?

Reacher Mash-Ups Gone Wild

If Poe isn't your thing and you just want to relax and enjoy best-selling author Lee Child making up fake mashups for Jack Reacher, check out this video of Lee going wild. 

Healthy Drinks with Reads

I'm still on my 2019 health kick, and so I thought I'd share two blasts from the Drinks with Reads past with healthy drink options from author Gigi Pandian. She has two healthy drink recipes to match her novel, Elusive Elixir and a fabulous smoothie called the Green Smoothie Alchemy to match her novel The Accidental Alchemist. Worth checking out. 

More mystery fun next week...

Deborah Lacy

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