Friday, April 19, 2019

Scot & Soda and the Stag's Breath

The fabulous and very entertaining Catriona McPherson is here today on Drinks with Reads. Catriona holds the distinction of being the very first Drinks with Reads guest poster. As such, we don't correct her odd, but incredibly charming, Scottish spellings. Not only because she's a good friend, but because, well, we like getting the free review copies. Don't want to stop that, right????

Scot & Soda (last Ditch Mysteries No. 2)

I actually do feature a favourite drink in this book. In chapter fourteen, Lexy and Todd get burritos and watermelon juice from the good taco wagon on E Street, in Cuento. El Mariachi, on G Street in Davis, used to do this. It was the finest, most refreshing, most delicious cold drink imaginable on a hot day, when the temperature climbs into the triple digits.

But then the owner wanted to retire, and his kids didn’t want to run a taqueria, so El Mariachi is now a Korean barbecue, with no watermelon juice to be had for love nor money.

I tried to make my own, but I haven’t got a juicer and, using a blender, it came out foamy and a lot less refreshing. It would have been a waste of a watermelon, but they’re 20c a pound in the height of summer.

Aaaaaanyway, that’s my excuse for offering this instead:

Stag’s Breath.
One measure of single malt Scotch whisky
One measure of Drambuie
One ice cube.

It’s as simple as that. If you don’t like whisky (who does, if we’re honest?), the Drambuie smooths it right out. And if you do like whisky (weirdo), whisky liqueur isn’t too much of a sacrilege. (By the way, if you use a blend instead of the single malt, it’s called a Rusty Nail. No judgement.)

And if you’re a whisky purist, think how much worse it could be. I know people who add Irn Bru.  (Irn Bru is our other national drink, but it makes Dr Pepper’s taste like mythical ambrosia. Blerk. That said, the adverts are very entertaining. Google “Irn Bru ad” and prepare to lose half an hour.)

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