Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Soup Swap

A big pot of bubbling, homemade soup is winter at it's finest, but it's hard to eat the same soup meal after meal. This solution to this problem was originally what gave birth to the soup swap.

Here's how it works. You and five friends each make a batch of soup, enough to fill six disposable plastic containers. The hostess (that's me) makes lunch for everyone and you get together and exchange the soups.  At the end of the party not only did you get to catch up with everyone, you now have six yummy meals you don't have to worry about.  It's ideal to label your soups so a month from now you don't have to play lunch roulette and it's fun when you bring a recipe. If you want to expand the party past six total attendees I ask people to just bring six containers. Every person doesn't get every kind of soup, but that's OK, they still get six. We've found that any more than two containers and you are making so much soup you can't do it in one pot.

Now my freezer is full of wonderful soup ranging from Lemon Chicken with rice to Sweet Potato Lentil to Broccoli, Potato, Garlic. Now my biggest decision is which one to eat first....hmmmm.

Here's my friend Dory's recipe for Chick-Pea and Spinach Soup with Garlic:


  1. This is brilliant. I'm sure you could expand it to other types of food too! Yum.

  2. @Kim - you could totally expand it to other types of food.

  3. I really do love this idea. I make a lot of soup and many times wish that when I give it out to people that a different variety would come back! I was directed to your blog by Kim Hammond, and am enjoying reading your diverse and interesting entries.

  4. Hi @Pattie:
    I'm glad you found us through Kim. She has started doing some guests posts. You can find them under the label "Kim." Thank you for stopping by.