Sunday, February 9, 2014

Penguin Classic Clutches

Continuing a major obsession with book inspired purses, I had to show you these fabulous Penguin Classics clutches found on Etsy. The are handmade and come in on range at $64 (plus shipping from New Zealand. No idea what that is.) These are so unbearably cute. Although the airmail clutch below is not a book, it was so fun I had to include it as well. 


  1. You're evil. Now I want one, and it figures my sister already commented. I went to the site and there's a Paris airmail one I covet. Shipping is only $10.

  2. Hey Folks they are made by me in New Zealand - Thankyou Deborah so much for writing avout them and just to add I can hand embroider any title...
    with best wishes

    1. Hi Estelle - they are such beautiful bags. Thank you for making them!