Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Book Review: Hush

Sharon Long is here today reviewing the Kate White Thriller, Hush...

Hush is a mystery thriller by Kate White.  Lake Warren is a working mother, who in the process of a divorce from her husband, Jack.  She is a marketing consultant and is currently working on a new proposal for an infertility clinic in New York.  Four months after their separation, Jack is now filing for custody of their two children, who are away at summer camp.  Lake's attorney warns her to be careful of what she is doing, who she is seeing, etc.  He basically tells her to not date or be seen with any men until the custody is decided.  This will be difficult as Lake is  attracted to the new handsome Dr. Keaton who has just announced he will join the clinic's staff.  Lake has been invited to the celebratory dinner for the handsome Doctor and when he invites her to his apartment for a nightcap afterward; she throws caution to the wind and goes.  She awakens in the wee hours of the night going out to the terrace and falling back asleep.  In the morning, Lake is terrified to discover Dr. Keaton had his throat slashed while she slept outside.  As panic sets in, she flees and goes back to her apartment.

From here, Lake's problems are only just beginning.  Once the news is out about Dr. Keaton's death, the police question everyone at the clinic and she decides to be quiet about where she was on that fateful night.  Strange things start happening to Lake; she is being followed, her phone and door bell ring in the middle of the night and she is chased into the river by a man with a knife.  During all of this, Lake is beginning to suspect Dr. Keaton's murder was an inside job.  In addition, she has stumbled on a possible scandal involving embryos at the clinic.  Lake forms an alliance with a reporter, Kit Archer, who persuades her to try and uncover the mystery.  However, we find out that Dr. Keaton also had a gambling problem and Lake begins to fear for her life.  As if that is not enough, there is the unusual behavior by her best friend, Molly, who is constantly questioning Lake about the doctor's murder, her ex husband, etc.  Not to mention how some of the clinic staff is treating her.  Lake realizes she is not sure whom she can trust and/or believe.  

What I enjoyed most about this novel was the number of suspects and how the author leads the reader from one to another. I must say I was surprised once I knew who the real murderer was.  This book is very well written with a smooth, fluid, easy writing style. The characters are extremely believable and likeable. Lake, the main character, is a well developed strong female who is credible and plausible.  I would absolutely recommend Hush to readers who like a novel which is both plot and character driven.  

Kate White has written ten books to date including a series. I was interested to learn for 14 years Kate was Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan magazine until she left in late 2013 to be a full-time author.  This was my first Kate White novel but will most definitely not be my last!    


  1. Thanks for reviewing this one. New to me author and the book really sounds terrific.

  2. You had me at surprise ending. I've never read Kate White before, but can't wait to try this book.

  3. Usually a book is EITHER plot or character driven, not both like this one is - I'm sure that aspect will appeal to many readers. Thanks for being a part of the tour!