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#MajorCrimes Facebook Chat Recap with James Duff

Welcome to the recap of the Major Crimes Facebook chat with show co-creator, James Duff.  The summer season finale of Major Crimes is two weeks from tonight and Patricia Wettig will guest star. James Duff said tonight that he will be back for the last two episodes to answer fans questions on the Major Crimes Facebook site. Mary McDonnell (Captain Sharon Raydor) will join him for the summer finale chat.

As always, we've only included James' answers because he provides the question's context as he responds. I've also removed any specific references to the show as it was airing, or anything that could be considered as a spoiler. 
James Duff Hey guys, sorry to be a little late.  Editing the finale across the street! And we are starting a little later so I don't interrupt the Major Crimes is starting now announcement.
James Duff Jen W points out that last week's episode featured Rusty at something less than his best behavior. She wants to know if Rusty's sneaky way of getting Gustavo's background info will come back to haunt him. Actually, it did inside the story. He felt like a heel for misleading people.
James Duff Valerie C mentions that we have so many strong actors and wants to know how we manage to strike a balance between the ensemble. All the actors believe every episode revolves entirely around them. But there very good about letting each other have a turn in the spotlight. Honestly, starring in a television show is really hard work, and takes an enormous amount of hours per day. So shifting leads is good for everybody, physically and emotionally. Sometimes we feature one or two or three actors, and sometimes we feature the ensemble. Mary McDonnell is the center of gravity, and she holds firm at the center.
James Duff Renee N W asks if Sharon's faith will ever be brought up in the series. Yes, is the short answer. I've brought it up before.
James Duff Holly T wants to know if we are thinking about bringing Buzz's sister back. We would love to have her back, depending on her availability.
James Duff Sherri J. H wants to know if Rusty has a future with the squad as an investigator, of will he be a reporter. Rusty will never be a detective on the LAPD; it's just not the kind of job he could do.
James Duff Next week, we have a very curious case involving a serial cheater, a half-naked man walking down the middle of a busy Los Angeles Street and a mysterious Panini truck. How many opportunities does one get to write about a mysterious panini truck?
James Duff Another issue people ask about is if Major Crimes will be back for season 5. We are prepared and ready to do it, and I think our ratings have been pretty good (we have shared the number one spot in the basic cable live ratings with Rizzoli & Isles). But I can give you no guarantees at this time.
James Duff The idea for Identity was created by our team here at Major Crimes, and we worked very hard to interweave its narrative into the plots of Major Crimes. Remember, you can see some more of this story on identity, which is posted right above this conversation.
James Duff Denise P wants to know why Fritz is wearing a black band around his badge this week. It's because, in last week's episode, two police officers died. The black ribbon is in their honor, and all the police officers in this episode are wearing it.
James Duff Deborah Lacy asks what the hardest part of creating a new character might be.I don't know if I could narrow it down, really. But when we add characters to Major Crimes, it is usually a group effort. Leo Geter has a big hand in all of that, and he's become such a big part of my own process that I would be tempted to put this question to him.Or, I guess, as I look at it today, the most difficult part of putting together a new character is finding the time to discuss it with Leo! Also, the other writers and the actors are always coming up with good ideas that lead to the creation of new characters.
James Duff Just want to mention Alan Ruck was a bit of genius thrown in our direction. Very lucky to be working with an actor with such range and grounded humor.
James Duff Shikya B asks if Rusty will be in a relationship soon, and if it will be with T.J., who has been helping him. I have always thought of T.J. as someone with whom Rusty would have liked to be friends, but never actually said that. And that T.J. wanted more, and Rusty never told him more was not available.
James Duff Sam M asks why Sharon became a police officer in the first place. And the answer, was she wanted to help put her husband through law school. And she thought, after he passed the bar, she would go to law school herself. But that didn't work out, obviously, because Jack was pretty selfish. Also, the more time she spent with the police, the less she wanted to be a lawyer.
James Duff Lots of people want more of Jon Tenney. They are right to want him!
James Duff Kathy D mentions that this week's tone is very different from last week's! And that's part of what we like to do on Major Crimes.
James Duff People are asking if Buzz will appear again in uniform. Yes! Phillip P. Keene has loved his transition to reserve officer. We hope to make use of his new status in the winter episodes.
James Duff There will be a special story featuring Buzz in the next season (if we get picked up, of course)
James Duff But he likes to write. And he's seriously into his v-log - the video blog - which you can catch here on the Major Crimes Facebook Page as soon as the show is over tonight. His search for Alice Herrera's real name ends tonight.
James Duff Thank you all for watching. I enjoyed spending this time with you, and can't wait to see you next week. And remember that, for our finale, I'll be joined by Mary McDonnell.

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