Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Book Review: The Wrong Man

Today Sharon Long reviews, The Wrong Man by Kate White. The book was published by Harper Collins as a paperback on June 16, 2015. This is White's fourth standalone book. 

I picked this book to review because I have read Kate White's other standalones novels and I enjoy her vivid writing style.    
Kit, a 35-year-old interior designer, on a business/pleasure trip in Florida literally bumps into a man named Matt several times on vacation and winds up having a one night stand with him.  Despite the fact they both live in New York City, the man makes it clear he is too busy for commitments.
The next morning, Kit leaves his room and later during the taxi ride to the airport, Matt calls and says he must see her in New York. He invites her to dinner at his apartment the next week. Days later when Kit arrives and knocks on Matt's door, another man opens the door. He says he is Matt but he is the wrong man and not the man she met in Florida. From here on, Kit's life becomes increasing complicated and even dangerous as she tries to figure out the mystery behind the two different men.  
I enjoy reading Kate White's books because she always has strong female characters and adds details about their careers in her books. The Wrong Man is no exception - Kit is strong even while undergoing scary circumstances.  In addition, the reader gets a glimpse into the interior decorating business, which I found entertaining. The story primarily takes place in New York and the plot is suspenseful and credible. I was instantly drawn into the mystery and finding out about the two men. This is a great book, which I read in one weekend. I am most definitely looking forward to the next Kate White standalone.

This book was provided to Mystery Playground by the publisher. This review is fair and independent. 

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