Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year & Thank You

Happy New Year! 

It takes a lot of wonderful people to help get Mystery Playground published every day and I can't close out 2015 without a big thank you to all of them. 

I'd like to thank the fabulous and prolific Kerry Hammond. Her posts range from books reviews to craft posts and everything in between. Next up is the amazing crafting team of Pat Hernas and Janet Kuchler who help make everything from lamps out of vintage slides to Agatha Christie placemats to herb gardens. I'd also like to thank book reviewer Sharon Long. 

A big thank you to our guest bloggers:

And our fabulous guest bloggers for Crafty Thursdays: It takes a special kind of person to makes these wonderful crafts. 

Dru Ann Love with the Detecting Drew Table Quilt

Barbara Graham and English Paper Piecing

Melissa Bourbon and Book Page Garland

Crazy Mug Rug with Molly McRae

Robin Berry and the Traveling Scissors and Needle Case

Pat Hernas and Adult Coloring Pages of Mystery

Decoupage Ornaments with Ellen Byron

Amanda Flower and How to Make a Book Tree

And last but not least, I'd like to thank all of our fabulous readers. Without you, there would be no reason for Mystery Playground. 

Happy New Year to All! See you next year with more fun...


  1. Again, thank you Deb for all you do! MP would not exist if not for you. Happy Reading in 2016 anyone!!

  2. And thank you, Deb for organizing Mystery Playground so that we can be entertained all year long. Happy New Year. Terrie Moran

  3. What a wonderful group of people you have, and sooooo talented.