Thursday, April 21, 2016

Craft Thursdays: Book Light Pouch

Kerry Hammond is here to show us how to sew a book light pouch that is great for home use or travel.

I love to pack everything away in its own little bag, so I made this book light pouch to use for travel. I had some extra book print fabric leftover from making a pillow cover, and I thought it was a great choice for this project. If you can use a sewing machine, you’ll have no problem with this craft.

Sewing Machine
Pins (optional)

Step 1: Cut Fabric
Cut a piece of fabric that is two and a half times as long as your book light. Cut ends of the top in a triangle (as shown) so that it resembles the top of an envelope. I kept the top of my triangle flat so that it’s not quite a pointy end once it’s sewn. You will need to cut this same shape from both your outside fabric and your lining fabric.

Then cut a rectangle of the fabric you’re going to use as your strip that the flap folds underneath. I chose the liner fabric so there was a contrast. The length of the strip should be the same width of your other fabric. The width is up to you, and just needs to be wide enough when sewn, to fold your flap under.

Step Two: Sew Two Panels Together
Sew your two pieces together, right side to right side. Leave a small opening at the bottom or side so that you can turn it right side out through the opening.

Step Three: Sew Strip
Fold your strip in half the long way and sew down the side.

Step Four: Turn Right-side Out
Turn both your strip and your book light pouch right side out. The strip can be turned from either end. For the pouch, turn through the unsewn corner.

Step Five: Close Hole and Sew Sides
Iron both the pouch and the strip so they're flat. Turn the fabric under and sew the small hole you left in the corner of the pouch. Fold up the bottom edge of the pouch to the point where your triangle starts and sew sides together.

Step Six: Sew on Strip
Folder under the open sides of your strip and sew each side to your book light holder. Leave the middle unsewn so you can fold your flap through it like a belt loop.

You’re done, now you have a handy fabric case for your book light. Mine is a nice compact book light, so if yours is larger or differently shaped, you will just have to adjust your fabric to fit, but should still be able to use the envelope type shape.

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  1. This makes me want to go out and buy a book light now. I have some cool finger print material itching to be used.