Monday, September 19, 2016

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads David Baldacci

The Denver-based Crime & Beyond Book Club has a new David Baldacci book to recommend. Read on for Kerry Hammond’s report.

This month the Crime & Beyond Book Club met to discuss The Guilty by David Baldacci. The Guilty is Baldacci’s 4th book in the Will Robie series, and he has written several books in the Camel Club and King and Maxwell series as well—the latter having been a TV show starring Rebecca Romijn. All in all, the author has written 32 novels for adults and, luckily, seems to have no intent on stopping.

In The Guilty, Will Robie is a government assassin, a very good one. That is until one day when he can’t pull the trigger. Failing at the one thing he’s good at puts Will into a personal tailspin, one that he needs desperately to come out of. As Will steps back to analyze what is happening to him, he ends up going back to his hometown of Cantrell, Mississippi. Not only does he think he has some personal demons he needs to confront there, but he finds out that his father is about to go on trial for murder, and Will may be the only one who can help him.

This was our club’s first Will Robie novel and the book got great reviews from our members. As a group, we like Baldacci’s writing. The book contains clever twists and plenty of action. The characters drew us in and we enjoyed both the father/son relationship between Will and his Dad, as well as the friendship between Will and Jessica Reel, his co-worker of sorts.

In addition to great characters and a twisting plot, the setting of the book added a strong layer of suspense to the novel. Baldacci portrayed Cantrell, Mississippi in such a way as to draw us all into the local politics you might find in such a small southern town.

We were able to find quite a bit to discuss, always a plus in a book club. The Guilty is a great book club read and recommended.

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