Friday, September 2, 2016

Drinks with Major Crimes

Instead of our usual Drinks with Reads, today we are having Drinks with TV - Once of my favorite TV shows, TNT's Major Crimes to be exact. We asked members of the cast and crew to tell us what beverage they suggest drinking while watching the show. 

This Monday's episode starts a three-part story arc - involving and investigation into white supremacists, a serial killer and Rusty's psychologist "has a confrontation that jeopardizes his life"

Now here are the drink recommendations from cast and crew (if you click on the names below you'll be taken to interviews with each):

Stacey K. Black, Director (photo above)
"Okay, die hard fans may remember that Provenza used to keep his gun in his desk drawer, in a purple Crown Royal bag. So, raise a Crown on the Rocks with a wedge of lime, every time Louie exclaims 'ye gods!'"

Tony Denison, Lt Andy Flynn
My character Andy is a recovering alcoholic, and so I am I. So I would pick cranberry juice and seltzer water.

Kearran Giovanni, Detective Amy Sykes
"I'd say Amy would have an Arnold Palmer with a squirt of soda on the job and off duty, I'd like a nice California Cabernet from Duck Horn."

From Phillip Keene, Buzz

"I had the good fortune to watch my friend Kearran Giovanni work on a special project she is doing and she made an amazing drink called a Hurricane. I am not normally a fan of Rum but this concoction is delicious. You will have to ask her what’s in it."

Ransford Doherty, CI Kendall

"Make it a tall glass of Guinness Draught or a Seagrams 7 and 7."

Greg LaVoi, Costume Designer

"I am addicted to Coca-Cola! So that is what I drink when watching Major Crimes...boring but true!"

Major Crimes is on TNT on Monday nights at 10:00 pm. We have three more episodes left of the summer season. You can join Co-Creator and Executive Producer, James Duff on Monday night on the Major Crimes' Facebook page where he does a live chat with one or more of the show's stars. 

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