Monday, November 28, 2016

Close to the Enemy

Post-World War II, spies, drama, intrigue it's all there in Close to the Enemy, a new seven-part series from Acorn TV and BBC One. More a spy show than a mystery, Close to the Enemy features a secret operation by Britain's TForce team to convince a kidnapped German engineer to build a jet for jolly old England, and betray his homeland. To complicate the plot, the English also kidnapped the man's young daughter.

The man in charge of the operation, Callum Ferguson (played by Jim Sturgess), has only a few days to sweet talk the German engineer (played by August Diehl) into doing what they want, or the next team won't be playing nice. Angela Bassett plays Eva, a singer in the hotel where Callum is keeping his prisoner and his daughter. And Alfred Molina is hanging around the hotel as well and Callum is starting to get curious about why. 

The pace is good for this drama and the characters are interesting. There is a plot hole or two, but still worth watching if you like period dramas with a little suspense. 

Here's a clip from the pilot...

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