Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Harry Potter Alliance

Here we are on Giving Tuesday - the day after Cyber Monday where so many non-profits compete for your charity dollar just like the stores do all holiday weekend. So I thought, why not tell you about a great charity that gets it's power from literature - The Harry Potter Alliance. The organization's mission is to to turn Harry Potter fans into "heroes" in the areas of equality, human right and literacy.  

Through their Accio Books Campaign they've donated more than 250,000 books to libraries around the world and much, much more. 

The Harry Potter Alliance values:

  • We believe in magic.
  • We believe that un-ironic enthusiasm is a renewable resource.
  • We know fantasy is not only an escape from our world, but an invitation to go deeper into it.
  • We celebrate the power of community—both online and off.
  • We believe that the weapon we have is love.

Here's Andrew Slack talking about the Harry Potter Alliance and how they are encouraging fans to "Be the Hero they read about". 

You can find a chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance near you. Or you can make a year end donation and get that tax deduction. 

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