Saturday, December 3, 2016

Smithsonian Libraries Adopt a Book Program

The Smithsonian Libraries has a program to let you Adopt-A-Book. This helps conservation, acquisition and digitization books of historical and cultural note. If you adopt a book it's noted in either a digital or physical bookplate in the book. You can also adopt a book in memoriam for someone.  

There is even a list of books that yu can adopt and the price for adoption. Of course, the books stay at the Smithsonian. There are a wide range of adoption prices. 
Adoptable books include:

  • A Treatise on Brewing by Alexander Morrice, and apparently this was self-published in 1815 - donation $250
  • How to Mix Drinks by Jerry Thomas, 1862 - this was the first book published with recipes for mixed drinks in the US - donation $3,000
  • American Fishes by Joseph F Cullman 1888 - donation $650

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