Sunday, March 26, 2017

Dispatches from Left Coast Crime III

We have one more dispatch from the Hawaiian exploits of David and Mary Putnam in Hawaii at Left Coast Crime in beautiful Hawaii. Here's Mary with the report...

I especially loved the very last comment of the panel called: "How Coauthors Cope: Lovey-dovey or strictly business?" with R. Franklin James (aka Rae James) (M)
Waverly Fitzgerald (aka Waverly Curtis)
Patricia Gussin
Rosemary Mild
D.V. Whytes

Honolulu author (and the brave co-chair volunteer to coordinate all the panels) Rosemary Mild ended the panel with one final comment describing her husband/co-author/co-chair Larry: "like the Energizer Bunny, only cuter!" Too cute!!

During Laurie King’s interview of Colin Cotterill, he talked about life in his “fishing village with Internet,” and how “when you interview people they tell you all kinds of things they won’t normally tell you.” Colin learned the nice couple who ran the store down the road weren’t actually married, in fact, he was a hit man she’d hired to kill her husband. Something had gone wrong so they’d fled to the tiny fishing village many years before. Colin made sure to never complain about less-than-fresh fruit or anything else at their store, ever again.

Rochelle Straub and Nancy Cole Silverman had the most colorful table at the banquet, and possibly the biggest smiles.

During the final panel, Lee Goldberg kept making fun of the nearly naked Parnell Hall (among others). Parnell said he’d come in from a swim to see it so the panel better be good! (It was.)

If you haven't read their other Left Coast Crime dispatches, you can check them out here and here. Don't forget to check out the excerpt from David's latest book, The Vanquished. It's gotten excellent reviews. 

Check out details of next year's Left Coast Crime Convention in Reno, NV. Guests of honor are William Kent Krueger and Naomi Hirohara. The Toastmaster is Todd Borg. 

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