Monday, July 2, 2018

Crime & Beyond Book Club Reads Hellbent by Gregg Hurwitz

The Denver-based book club Crime & Beyond recently discussed the third book in the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz and Kerry Hammond is here to give us the report.

Crime & Beyond met this month to discuss the third book in the Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz. Hellbent features our favorite Nowhere Man, Evan Smoak. Our club has read each of the books in this series. The first was our favorite; not surprising, often the first in a new series is the most exciting. The second was good, but less exciting that we would have hoped. The third, Hellbent, received high scores and many club members thought it was a close second to Orphan X.

In this installment, Even Smoak, our hero and vigilante for justice, finds himself in the possession of a very important “package.” Its location was left to him by his mentor and father figure, Jack, as he was being hunted by the orphans who are trying to eliminate all of the loose ends relating to the program. The package isn’t so much a package as it is a 16 year-old girl who was in the orphan program before Jack hid her away to keep her safe. Evan’s nemesis, Van Sciver, is the lead villain in the story and he’s not only out to get Evan, but the girl he is trying to protect.

We had a great discussion and the book scored an average score of 8 out of 10. We loved the fact that Evan showed a bit more of his vulnerable side. The series is a great book club read because it has lots of action and plenty of discussion on good versus evil. There is a fourth book in the works and we look forward to seeing where Hurwitz will take us next.

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