Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dispatches From Bouchercon 2015 Day One #Bcon2015

The World's Largest Mystery Fan convention is in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend and the gang from Mystery Playground is on hand to capture all of the action. This is our Day One report, although it really covers the day before the whole thing started.

Guests of Honor, Margaret Maron and Kathy Reichs
What's the first thing you do at Bouchercon? We always answer that question with a marathon stuffing of book bags. The photo below was taken after 30 minutes. Imagine 1400 bags in this pile (Kudos to fellow bag stuffers: Les Blatt, Leslie Blatt, Karen Ringer, Kim Hammond, Ovidia Yu and Dru Ann Love, to name a few):

One of the first panels of the morning was The Resurgence of the Traditional Mystery with Helen Smith, Wendy Corsi Staub, Terrie Farley Moran, Marcia Talley and Dorothy Cannell.

We had lunch with authors Beverly Allen and Alice Loweecey.

In the afternoon, we stopped by the Skeleton themed hospitality suite with Leigh Perry (Toni P. Kelner), author of the family skeleton series. There were great skeleton giveaways and photos with Sid...(here he is with Toni.)

Watched Kathy Reichs get interviewed by Oline Cogdill:

Harper Collins & William Morrow sponsored an author signing after the Opening Ceremonies. The room was packed and many fabulous authors were signing their books, like Allison Gaylin and Laura Lippman.

AG Riddle singing the Departure. In this book, an airplane takes off in one time period and lands in another (why am I thinking this is a United flight?). 

Here's Kristi Belcamino and Deborah Crombie

The fabulous Ovidia Yu...

Here's Robin Burcell, our own Kerry Hammond, and John Burley

We'll be back tomorrow with more from Bouchercon.

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