Thursday, March 30, 2017

Murder Mystery Novel Pin

We're making the Murder Mystery Novel pin today on Crafty Thursday. As you can tell by the weekly crafts here at Mystery Playground, we love to create and I hate to waste excess craft materials, so today's Murder Mystery Novel Pin was born from materials used in previous crafts.

The pin base was one that I decided not to use for the SteamPunk Time Travel Watch Face Pin, the dangle bead at the bottom was also left over from that craft as well as the pin backing. 

The miniature novel on the pin first made it's debut in the book earrings craft. 

And the policeman bead was used in the Dial M for Murder earring set

Now you know just in case you want to get extra materials to make the other crafts. 

Here's what you'll need for the Murder Mystery Novel Pin:

  • A miniature book (available online)
  • Pin with backing
  • Filigree metal piece - they have these at Michaels
  • E6000 glue - my pin came with adhesive on the back but it doesn't seem strong enough to last long
  • A policeman bead - I got this cute little guy on Etsy
  • One base metal head pin, jewelry pliers - I used round nose
  • A color printer if you want to make the book cover  

Step One:
Make your novel cover for the miniature book. There are detailed directions on how to do this here. Let the glue dry.

Step Two:
Glue the Policeman bead and the book onto the pin as desired. 

Step Three:
Put your dangle on. Thread the head pin through the bead. Take the pliers and create a loop, thread it through the hole on the bottom of the filigree base. Use the pliers to win the wire around itself to close the loop.

Step Four:
Glue the pin to the back. And you're done! 

That was super easy.

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